Based in Preston, Z I Accountant specialises in a range of accounting services aimed at a wide variety of businesses in Lancashire and the surrounding areas. My ultimate mission is to provide incomparable service at a inexpensive price. After providing accounting and taxation services for over fifteen years, I have helped many businesses to decrease their accountancy fees; ensure that they are not paying too much tax and expand their overall business profitability.

Zahid Ibrahim is the principal of Z I Accountant.

I am a qualified accountant and member of the following professional bodies:-

  • Fellow Member of ‘The Association of International Accountants’, Regulated and Registered Member in Practice
  • Fellow Member of the ‘Institute of Financial Accountants’
  • Fellow Member of the ‘Federation of Tax Advisers’
  • Fellow Member of ‘Association of Accounting Technicians’

The Association of International Accountants (AIA) is a global body for professional accountants. Their aim is to create world class accountants. It was founded in 1928,  AIA has promoted the concept of ‘international accounting’ to create a global network of accountants in 105 countries worldwide.

The business continues to grow from personal recommendation and from increasing awareness of my presence within the local area.

I strongly believe in building special relationships with each individual client through the development of strong long-term relationships. The understanding and trust that builds up helps me to give empathetic and appropriate advice at times when key financial decisions are being made.

My clients often give very positive feedback on the effectiveness and value of my service. Some of the things that they liked the most are:-

Fixed Price. I offer a clear transparent pricing strategy so that you know what you will be charged before you even come to see me.

Discount. I offer discount of 25% for Accounting and Taxation Services in the first year.

Above all, I hope that I can help you and your business and look forward to hearing from you.