Z I Accountant offers a full range of low-priced Accounting Services

I offer a complete range of accounting services for all types of businesses and clients. I am proud to offer professional and affordable accounting services.

I am aware that everyone’s business needs are different and some clients prefer to be more involved with the bookkeeping preparation, whereas some clients prefer to leave it all to me.

I work on a fixed fee basis and my charge out rates are extremely competitive. All initial appointments are free.

Why not call me today on 07813 127356 or email info@ziaccountant.co.uk to find out how I can assist you.

Full Services

  • Annual Accounts & Tax Returns

Your annual accounts prepared by a qualified professional accountant. I pride myself on an indispensable service that is affordable for most businesses. Whether you operate as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, I can support you with compliance, preparation of the necessary tax returns, Companies House documentation, accounts production and tax planning advice.

  • Start-up Business Service 

If you have an idea for a business and want to form a Limited Company, I can assist you with the formation of a new company and with business planning/business bank account and ensure that you have covered all the obligatory compliance tasks with the authorities.

  • Payroll

You can rest assured when you use my proficient payroll service that your payroll is being handled by a qualified accountant who is regulated by industry bodies. Real time information is the biggest shake up we have seen in generations to the administration of payroll. The new system imposed by HMRC requires that payments made to staff are reported to HMRC in real time. I will ensure that you meet your payroll obligations on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • VAT Return

I can assist you with VAT return preparation; undertake VAT registration and de-registration and provide VAT advice on special VAT schemes such as the Flat Rate Scheme; Cash Accounting Scheme; Margin Schemes (motor traders and antique dealers etc.) and Partial Exemption. I will work with you so that you are aware of when you need to complete the VAT Return

  • Bookkeeping

I can assist you with undertaking your bookkeeping requirements. This reduces the year-end bill and I can provide you with management accounts during the interim period of the financial year as and when required.